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Bureau for Economic Theory and Applications

Laboratoire d'Economie Forestière


Interface position INRA (UMR LEF, Nancy) / European Forest Institute (EFIMED, Barcelona)

Research topics

  • Ecosystem services
  • Mapping and modelling ecosystem services
  • Economic valuation
  • Project and public policy evaluation

Current position

September 2015-August 2018 : Interface position INRA (UMR LEF, Nancy) / European Forest Institute (EFIMED, Barcelona)


  • September 2013-August 2015 : Fixed term teaching assistant- University of Montpellier (France).
  • February 2015: Associate professor Qualification. CNU Section n°05 Economics.
  • January 2011-11 July 2014: PhD in Economics, obtained with the highest distinction delivered by the institution, Montpellier SupAgro - UMR LAMETA.


  • Vaissière AC, Tardieu L, Quétier F, Roussel S (2018). Preferences for Biodiversity Offset Contracts on Arable Land: A Choice Experiment Study with Farmers. European Review of Agricultural Economics, In Press. HCERES A, CNRS 2.
  • Roussel S, Tardieu L, Vaissière A.C (2018). Compensation écologique et agriculture : Est-ce compatible ? Revue Économique 69 (prépublication). HCERES A, CNRS 2.
  • Tardieu L (2017). The need for integrated spatial assessments in ecosystem services mapping. Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies. 98(3), 173-200. HCERES B, CNRS 4.
  • Roussel, S, Salles, J.-M, Tardieu, L (2016). Recreation demand analysis of sensitive natural areas from an on-site survey. Revue d’Economie Régionale et Urbaine. 2016/2 (Mars), 355-384. HCERES B, CNRS 3.
  • Tardieu, L, Roussel, S, Thompson, J.D, Labarraque, D, Salles, J.M (2015). Combining direct and indirect ecosystem service loss into environmental impact assessment for infrastructure construction. Journal of Environmental Management 152, 145-157. HCERES B, CNRS 3.
  • Labarraque, D., Roussel, S., Tardieu, L. (2015). Exploring direct and indirect regulation ecosystem services loss caused by linear infrastructure construction. Revue d'Économie Politique 125 (2), 277-298. HCERES A, CNRS 2.
  • Tardieu, L, Roussel, S, Salles, J.-M (2013). Assessing and mapping global climate regulation service loss induced by terrestrial transport infrastructure construction. Ecosystem Services 4, 73-81. IF à 5 ans: 5.592.

Book chapters

  • Roussel S,Tardieu L(forthcoming). Non-Market Valuation. Encyclopedia of Law and Economics. In : Marciano A., Ramello G.B. (Eds), New York : Springer.
  • Tardieu L, Muys B, Tuffery L Daly-Hassen H, Khalfaoui M, Martinez de Arano I (forthcoming). Human needs and ecosystem services. In State of Mediterranean Forest, 2nd Edition, Chapter 5, FAO and Plan Bleu/UNEP. Chapter Coordinator.
  • Hily E, Tardieu L(2018). Tools for a better accounting of natural capital in territorial decisions. In Re-connecting Natural and Cultural Capital. Contributions from Science and Policy. Paracchini M.L., Zingari P.C., Blasi C. eds. Office of Publications of the European Union, Luxembourg.
  • Tardieu L, Crossman ND (2017). Application of ecosystem services maps in business and industry.  In B. Burkhard and J. Maes (eds). Ecosystem services mapping book. Pensoft Pub Ltd.
  • Tardieu L(2016). Economic evaluation of the impacts of transportation infrastructures on ecosystem services. Chapter 6, In Handbook on biodiversity and ecosystem services in impact assessment. D. Geneletti (ed). F.Vanclay (Series Editor). Edward Elgar.

Work in progress

  • Bocqueho G., Hily E., Langlois B. and Tardieu L. (in progress). Ecological-Economic spatial models for an efficient provision of ecosystem services: A Review.
  • Tardieu L, Tuffery L (in progress), Preserving natural habitat quality or recreational attractiveness ? Spatial tools for management planning.
  • Bocquého G, Dujardin, Y, Tardieu L, Zhun M (en cours) Efficient Forest Management Strategies for Ecosystem Service provision. FORMES2, Projet jeune chercheur du département SAE2 (INRA) et Labex Arbre.
  • Roussel S, Tardieu L (en cours). Non-Market Valuation. Encyclopedia of Law and Economics. In : Marciano A., Ramello G.B. (Eds), New York : Springer.
  • Tardieu L, Roussel S, Vaissière A.-C, Quétier F. (en cours) Farmers’ willingness to participate in BO contracts: Does context matter?

Working papers and reports

Reviewing activity

Water Resources and Economics, Ecosystem Services, Land Use Policy, Environments, Journal of Forest Economics, Scientific comity of SFER 2015, AFSE 2016, EAAE 2017.

Researchgate webpage :