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Bureau d'Economie Théorique et Appliquée

Laboratoire d'Economie Forestière


Cahier du LEF 2016-01

Determinants of insurance demand against forest fire risk: an empirical analysis of French private forest owners
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Cahier du LEF 2016-02

Designing species-specific conservation contracts in a heterogeneous landscape with unobservable conservation costs and benefits - Insights from a...
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Cahier du LEF 2016-03

Is forest insurance a relevant vector to induce adaptation efforts to climate change?
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Cahier du LEF 2016-05

What drives livelihoods’ strategies in rural areas? Evidence from the Tridom Conservation Landscape using Spatial Probit Analysis
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Cahier du LEF 2016-06

Households livelihoods and deforestation in the Tridom Transboundary Conservation : A spatial analysis
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Cahier du LEF 2016-04

Material flow analysis of the forest-wood supply chain: a consequential approach for log export policies in France
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Cahier du LEF 2016-07

Reassessing forest products demand functions in Europe using a panel cointegration approach
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Cahier du LEF 2016-08

Are ecosystem services complementary or competitive? An econometric analysis of cost functions from private forests in Vietnam
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