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Contrat Jeune Scientifique

Intra-annual dynamics of wood formation and carbon sequestration in conifer and deciduous temperate forests

Inra and the Doctoral School RP2E offer during 2015 one "Contrat Jeune Scientifique" (Young Scientist Contract) for 3 years (duration for completion of a PhD). 

  • Research Unit: 

UMR1092 LERFoB, Inra and AgroParisTech, Centre Inra de Nancy-Lorraine F54280 Champenoux (France)

  • Supervisors of the PhD thesis: 

Cyrille Rathgeber, UMR 1092 LERFoB, Nancy-Lorraine INRA Research Center 

Bernard Longdoz, UMR 1137 EEF, Nancy-Lorraine INRA Research Center 

Stéphane Ponton, UMR 1137 EEF, Nancy-Lorraine INRA Research Center

  • Specific research topic: 

In order to better understand the process of carbon sequestration into stem wood, along with its environmental determinants, we want to dynamically quantify the flux of carbon, from its capture into the leaves, to its final destination into the wood, for three contrasted couples of species and environmental conditions (European beech in Hesse, sessile Oak in Barbeau, and Aleppo Pine in Font-Blanche). So in this PhD project, we propose, for these three couples: (1) to describe precisely the intra-annual dynamics of wood formation, (2) to quantify accurately the seasonal dynamics of net ecosystem exchange, gross primary productivity, net primary productivity, non-structural carbon reserves, and finally structural carbon accumulation into the wood (structure and composition); (3) to compare the seasonal dynamics of the carbon fluxes, and compute dynamic ratios of carbon transfer between the different carbon pools; (4) to relate the seasonal dynamics of carbon fluxes with the seasonal course of environmental factors.

  • Candidates profile:

The candidates should hold a Master’s degree in life sciences with an excellent grade list. The ideal candidate should demonstrate an interest in transdisciplinary research. He is expected to be creative and open-minded and to have the ability to establish and maintain good interpersonal relationships. Knowledge of French language is not a prerequisite. It can be learnt during the PhD. The candidates should have a good level of spoken and written English, and the thesis may be written in English.

  •  Applications 

Applicants to this contract should send the application files including: 

- A detailed CV with all details about obtained degrees, fulfilled training and results, 

- A motivation letter indicating the selected topic and the plans of the candidate for his/her future career, 

- A recommendation letter provided by a professor or a researcher who supervised the candidate during his/her training. 

Applications files should be sent to the administration of the Doctoral School (christine.fivet@univ-lorraine.fr) with a copy to the president of INRA – Nancy (celine.ranger@nancy.inra.fr and camille.huysentruyt) before Sunday May 17th, 2015.