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Laboratoire d'Economie Forestière


A list of research publications is available on the institutional repository of INRA: ProdINRA

Selected publications :

Economics of Forest Multifunctionality

Abildtrup J., Dubgaard A., Jensen F. 2012. Does the Coase Theorem Hold in Real Markets? An Application to the Negotiations between Waterworks and Farmers in Denmark. Journal of Environmental Management, 93: 69-76.

Abildtrup, J., Garcia S., Olsen S. B., Stenger A. 2012. Spatial preference heterogeneity in forest recreation. Forthcoming in Ecological Economics.

Abildtrup, J., Garcia S., Stenger A. 2012. The effect of forest land use on the cost of drinking water supply: A spatial econometric analysis. Forthcoming in Ecological Economics.

Brunette M., Cabantous L., Couture S. et Stenger A. 2012. The impact of governmental assistance on insurance demand under ambiguity: A theoretical model and an experimental test. Forthcoming in Theory and Decision.

Couture S., Garcia S., Reynaud A. 2012. Household energy choices and fuelwood consumption: An econometric approach from French data. Energy Economics, 34(6), 1972-1981

Damette, O., Delacote, P. 2012. On the economic factors of deforestation: what can we learn from quantile analysis? Economic Modeling, 29, 2427-2434

Delacote, P., Montagné. C. 2012. Political Consumerism and Public Policy: Substitutes or Complements against Market Failures? Ecological Economics, 73(1), 188-193.

Edwards D., M. Jay, F. S. Jensen, B. Lucas, M. Marzano, C. Montagné, A. Peace, G. Weiß. 2012. Public preferences for structural attributes of forests: towards a Pan European perspective. Forest Policy and Economics. 19. 12-19.

Costa, S.,Garcia, S., Ibanez, L. 2011. Do taste and quality perception influence consumer preferences for wood? An econometric model with latent variables. Forest Science 57(2), 89-101.

Damette, O., Delacote, P. 2011. Unsustainable timber harvesting, deforestation and the role of certification. Ecological Economics, 70(6), 1211-1219.

Anthon S., Garcia S., Stenger A. 2010. Incentive contracts for Natura 2000 implementation in forest areas. Environmental and Resource Economics, 46(3), 281-302.


French Forest Sector Modeling

Caurla, S., Delacote, P., Lecocq, F., Barkaoui, A. 2013. Combining an intersectorial carbon tax with sectorial mitigation policies: which impacts on the French Forest Sector? Forthcoming in Journal of Forest Economics.

Wernsdörfer, H., Colin, A., Bontemps, J-D., Chevalier, H., Caurla, S., Pignard, G., Leban, J-M., Hervé, J-C., and Fournier, M. 2012. Large scale dynamics of a heterogeneous forest resource are jointly driven by geographically varying growth conditions, tree species composition and stand structure. Annals of Forest Sciences, 69(7), 829-844.

Delacote. P. Lecocq F. 2011.Fuelwood, timber and climate change: Insights from forest sector modeling - An introduction. Journal of Forest Economics, 17(2), 107–109.

Lecocq F.,Delacote P., Caurla S., Barkaoui A., Sauquet A. 2011. Paying for forest carbon or stimulating fuelwood demand? Insights from the French Forest Sector Model. Journal of Forest Economics, 17(2), 157-168.

Sauquet, A., Lecocq, F., Delacote, P., Caurla, S., Barkaoui, A., Garcia, S. 2011. Estimating Armington elasticities for sawnwood and application to the French Forest Sector Model. Resource and Energy Economics 33(4), 771-781.


LEF Data Group

Montagné, C., Niedzwiedz, A. 2012. De la définition et l’usage des indicateurs de gestion durable des forêts: un point de vue économique et social. Revue Forestière Française. LXIV-5. 613-634.

Niedzwiedz, A., Montagné-Huck,C. 2011. Les tableaux de bord: Panorama du secteur forestier français. Revue Forestière Française. LXIII-6, 691-704.

Montagné, C.,Niedzwiedz, A. 2010. Comptes intégrés économiques et environnementaux de la forêt en France – Première et Seconde Parties. Revue Forestière Française LXII-5, 541-550 and LXII-6, 625-640.


Phd Defended

Eric Nazindigouba Kéré. 21/03/2013. Analyse économique des décisions de production des propriétaires forestiers privés non industriels en France.(Supervisors: Jérôme Foncel et Anne Stenger, S. Garcia). Université de Lorraine.

Gérard Marty 5/02/2013 Institutions marchandes du bois public en Lorraine (supervisor: Pierre Demeulenaere). Université Paris-Sorbonne.

Nicolas Robert 22/01/2013 Vers une production durable de multiples services écosystémiques : Analyse par la simulation de la production jointe de bois et de non-bois en forêt (sous la direction de Anne Stenger). AgroParisTech.

Sylvain Caurla 27/01/2012 Modélisation de la filière forêt-bois française Évaluation des impacts des politiques climatiques (supervisor: Franck Lecocq). AgroParisTech.

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