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Chaired Professor in Economics at Agro ParisTech


My current position is Chaired Professor in Economics at the Paris Institute of Technology, for I hold the French National Forestry Office Chair and head its Steering Committee. I am also affiliated with the Laboratory of Forest Economics, a joint research unit of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research. The activities I am in charge of cover teaching, supervision of practicum students, research, search for funding, budgetary control, annual reporting and management of various projects: organization of conferences, conducting of consulting projects, development of academic contests, participation to employment forums, economic networking and up-to-date news monitoring. Along with Bioeconomics, my other fields of interest are Resource Economics and Environmental Management. The research tools I hold in high regard are Graph Theory and Game Theory in dynamic settings. With respect to my present position, my ongoing works revolve around the forest-related topics, such as the forest and wood-based industry or the multifunctional role of forests.


  • Complex Dynamical Systems
  • Study of Forest-Based Sector
  • Environmental Economics and Management
  • Bioeconomics
  • Decision Aids


  • Forest Economics and Industrial Organization (M2)
  • Impact Assessment on Natural Environments (M2)
  • Economic Valuation of Vegetated Areas (M2)
  • Timber Sector and Forest Products Commercialization (M1)


Work in progress

3. Dragicevic, A. and Shogren, J. (2015), "Sustainable Socio-Ecological Networks", work in progress.

2. Dragicevic, A. Garcia, S., Marty, G. and Préget, R. (2015), "Bidding Dynamics in Public Timber Auctions", work in progress.

1. Brunette, M., Dragicevic, A., Lenglet, J. and Niedzwiedz, A. (2015), "Gestion de Portefeuille en Forêt Mélangée face au Changement Climatique", work in progress.

Working papers

8. Dragicevic, A. and Barkaoui, A. (2015), "Network Price Identity", Cahier du LEF – Chaire Forêts pour Demain: 2015–11.

7. Kéré, E., Garcia, S. and Dragicevic, A. (2015), "Decisions to Harvest and Spatial Interactions", Cahier du LEF – Chaire Forêts pour Demain: 2015–08.

6. Barkaoui, A. and Dragicevic, A. (2015), "Forest-Based Industrial Network", Cahier du LEF – Chaire Forêts pour Demain: 2015–04.

5. Wolfersberger, J., Amacher, G., Delacote, P. and Dragicevic, A. (2014), "The Dynamics of Deforestation and Reforestation in a Developing Economy", Cahiers de la Chaire Economie du Climat: 2014–14.

4. Delacote, P., Dragicevic, A. and Garcia, S. (2014), "Principal-Agent Relationship in Resource Management", Cahier du LEF – Chaire Forêts pour Demain: 2014–10.

3. Brunette, M., Dragicevic, A., Lenglet, J., Niedzwiedz, A., Badeau, V. and Dupouey, J.-L. (2014), "Portfolio Management of Mixed-Wood Forests", Cahier du LEF – Chaire Forêts pour Demain: 2014–09.

2. Barkaoui, A. and Dragicevic, A. (2014), "Nash Bargaining and Renegotiation with Social Preferences: Case of the Roundwood Log Supply Contracts", Cahier du LEF – Chaire Forêts pour Demain: 2014–08.

1. Dragicevic, A., Boulanger, V., Bruciamacchie, M., Chauchard, S., Dupouey, J.-L. and Stenger, A. (2013), "Value of Ecological Network Connectivity", Cahier du LEF – Chaire Forêts pour Demain: 2013–05.


  • Dragicevic, A., Lobianco, A. and Leblois, A. (2016), "Forest Planning and Productivity-Risk Trade-Off through the Markowitz Mean-Variance Model", Forest Policy and Economics, 64: 25–36.
  • Dragicevic, A. (2015), "Option Fund Market Dynamics for Threshold Public Goods", Dynamic Games and Applications, forthcoming.
  • Dragicevic, A. (2015), "Functional Diversity from Network Response Dynamics", Journal of Bioeconomics, forthcoming.
  • Dragicevic, A. (2015), "Hier les Ventes par Adjudication, Aujourd'hui les Contrats d'Approvisionnement, Demain les Carnets d'Ordres ?", Revue Forestière Française, 67: 127–132.
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  • Dragicevic, A. and Ettinger, D. (2011), "Private Valuation of a Public Good in Three Auction Mechanisms", Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, 2: 1–27.
  • Dragicevic, A. and Sinclair-Desgagné, B. (2010), "Éco-Fiscalité et Réduction d’Émissions de Gaz à Effet de Serre", in Le Québec Économique 2010 : Vers un Plan de Croissance pour le Québec, Joanis, M. and Godbout, L. (eds.), Presses de l’Université Laval, Québec.
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